Brevitas introduces ID and Passport Verification

We recently perfected our online identification process, allowing for more trust within the brevitas marketplace. Doing business, especially on the scale of commercial real estate, involves lots of trust and comfort. The stakes are high, and mistakes cost time and money. Introducing features that increase trust and comfort within the marketplace help us bring a better environment for private sale offerings.
Net Verify
Real estate professionals know that dealing with international firms can present certain challenges. The first challenge begins with personal due diligence on who you’re working with and their credibility in a business setting. ID and Passport verifications can provide an extra sense of security. We partnered with Jumio to provide NetVerify, a facial recognition and government document service. We now ask all of our members to upload a photo of themselves or a webcam image to be cross referenced with their government provided ID. This government ID can come in the form of a passport or drivers license. These documents are accepted from over 100 countries.

Brevitas Deploys New Buyer Dashboard

We recently deployed our new buyer dashboard. The changes were made to make use of improved UI/UX to the acquisition experience on the platform. The ability to manage and organize multiple listing interactions is key to our users. As many can attest, organizing your investment prospecting process can become overwhelming. We designed the dashboard to enable our members to quickly choose between their current open interactions, pending interactions, and favorite listings. Deal flow indicators allow for you to keep track of what new actions are required, while keeping analytics on what has recently taken place. We also put in place a buyer’s tour to help guide our users through the new layout.

Enhancements in usability are some of the greatest advantages of utilizing today’s quickly changing technology.

Our users enjoy a constantly evolving product that is always improving. The new deployment allows you to easily track who you’ve contacted and quickly analyze any preliminary due diligence documents. As a general company rule, we feel that technology should make business processes more efficient, saving you time to do what’s most important.

Brevitas launching for San Francisco Commercial Real Estate.

Brevitas is excited to announce our planned launch in the San Francisco Bay Area on June 1st 2015. We are now accepting membership accounts for buyers and sellers active in the San Francisco commercial real estate market. We plan to carry a significant inventory of private sale offerings in this area and we hope our buyers are ready to uncover some great opportunities.

June 1st will mark the date our listing submissions are transferred from draft to published. The Bay Area launch will be focused on only two asset classes, we are accepting multi-family and office properties to the Brevitas platform. Our product focus will expand to industrial, medical, development, and retail towards the end of 2015. As a reminder, we accept hotel and resort listings worldwide.

The rapid growth and property value increases in San Francisco over the past 7 years have created a highly competitive environment. According to JLL and REIS, San Francisco market saw a 6.4% YOY rent growth in 2014, making it one of the most attractive areas for investment. Often times leading to quick sales and multiple bids, in attempt to capture the most attractive investment opportunities. We have had high demand for private investment opportunities in the Bay Area. Brevitas is headquartered in downtown San Francisco, we feel this will be one of our most successful city launches.

Brevitas introduces expanded real estate search filters.

We recently made advancements to our filter system to make finding investments easier and more refined. We want you to find opportunities perfectly matched to your investment criteria, implementing a more advanced filter system allows for just that. The new real estate search filters are designed dynamically to adjust based on property type. You can then ask for instant email updates on new products that match your interests.
A new auto complete development brings in new satellite images and listing results while you type. This replaces the archaic system of searching for results that either don’t exist, or aren’t what you’re looking for. Auto complete will manipulate your results based on what is in the text box or search filters. Searching for investments has never been easier.

International Hotel and Resort Marketplace

Brevitas is opening the international hotel and resort marketplace in June, to aid in the sourcing and prospecting of investments. Our founders have significant experience in hospitality sales, and felt that a global industry should have marketing and sales tools that match the expanse of the industry.

Hotels and resorts are generally offered for sale in a private setting, Brevitas offers a perfect technology solution. Bringing qualified and vetted buyers and sellers onto one secure and global platform. The listing process within the marketplace is streamlined and standardized, with a set of critical guidelines that allow for a trusted environment.

We are only accepting assets for sale above $5m USD and we try to enforce other qualification steps to ensure the integrity of the platform remains in tact. Proper documentation from sellers and buyers allows for a more transparent experience. You can learn more about those verifications here.

Global hotel transaction volume in 2014 was the highest since 2007. This has spurred a large increase in prospecting and sourcing activities. At Brevitas we act as an invaluable tool in investment sourcing activities.

Being an international marketplace for hotels and resorts provides us with the leverage to bring international and institutional buyers to assets that are traditionally less liquid.

Asian countries investment activities have been very strong in recent years for hotel investment. Overtaking office investments as the primary target investment class.

Brevitas Launching for Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate

Brevitas marketplace will be expanding to the Los Angeles commercial real estate market on June 1st 2015. We will be accepting office and multifamily assets in the greater Los Angeles area. This includes assets in Orange County. We provide a controlled and secure marketing channel for brokers and owners to find new buyers, we continue to see strong adoption of the Brevitas platform throughout California.

Many investment opportunities in Los Angeles are spread out with different real estate professionals. This is similar to how the city is spread over such a large area, creating an aggregation of private sale offerings helps real estate investors move quickly through the prospecting process.

Los Angeles was the second largest multi-family investment ecosystem in 2014 behind only New York. This investment came to the tune of $4.9b in investment. (JLL, Real Capital Analytics) Brevitas will be providing efficiency to CRE professionals in one of the largest US real estate markets.

We look forward to our launch in the greater Los Angeles area, as well as growing our relationships with the city’s large pool of established real estate professionals.