Improving Real Estate Acquisition Through Brevitas Deal Flow Management

When we founded Brevitas, a key focus of our efforts was adding much needed efficiency to the transaction process for private listings. We knew we could make real estate acquisition easier. We knew the number of phone calls, legal documents, and miscellany that were sent from party to party – often taking weeks – could be funneled into one place and moved much more quickly. So, we set out to improve this process in a way we thought should have happened years ago.



Brevitas breaks the transaction into seven fundamental milestones:

  1. The buyer requests more information on a closed listing.
  2. The seller is notified, reviews the buyer’s profile, and approves the buyer/sends a confidentiality agreement.
  3. The buyer endorses the confidentiality agreement and sends it back to the seller for their signature.
  4. The seller executes the confidentiality agreement and the full property listing is opened and both parties have full access to documents.
  5. The buyer can request a meeting at this point and will be introduced to the selling party.
  6. If the parties enter into escrow, they can notify potential buyers that the asset is in escrow in order to manage incoming buyers.
  7. Once escrow is complete, buyers can close the sale on the Brevitas dashboard. The sale becomes part of the buyer’s profile, adding cache to their profile.

Both parties can cancel the deal at any point through this process.


The goal here is simple. There are a number of complex steps that take place when a buyer and seller are initiating their deal that can severely slow down what could be a very straightforward process. The complexities of real estate acquisition should be reserved for the negotiation table and eliminated elsewhere.



Our transaction process is part of a broader effort that Brevitas makes to improve real estate acquisition. We aren’t re-inventing the wheel, but building upon current practices with improved technology.

-Max Kaplan, CTO

Brevitas Reaches $1.5 Billion In Assets

I’m not sure if anything has mattered more to me than traction for the past few months. Traction is of pinnacle importance at the outset of attempting to accomplish anything. Whether it be scoring that first date, getting your car out of a ditch, or — I don’t know — building a first-of-its-kind marketplace: traction is key.

Starting the Brevitas marketplace came with some confusing perplexities that you don’t encounter with other businesses. We aren’t hawking custom ceramic brake pads or organic Cornish game hens. For many businesses it is simple: acquire product–> target your customer–> sell. That isn’t the case for Brevitas (nor do we want it to be).

Brevitas is an exceptional place for people to conduct business, but what matters most to every Brevitas client is the person standing across from them on the platform, waiting to work with them. We can have every bell and whistle, but without the people… we have nothing.

We have worked diligently to build real relationships on both sides of Brevitas. We didn’t purchase massive databases or promise that we can connect our clients with every person on some unverified list from some company that can be found in the bowels of the internet.

We hammered the phones, sat down in myriad meetings, and cultivated real relationships with every individual that works with us.

It’s exhausting and has made our executive team responsible for a lot of things to a lot of people, but we have no doubt that this is the right way to do things.

And today we are excited to announce that we have over $1.5 billion dollars of off-market commercial real estate assets for sale on Brevitas.

We are not here to pat each other on the back. Rather, we want to thank and congratulate the buyers that have stuck with us since day one – you now have first access to off-market, international, institutional commercial real estate assets you won’t find anywhere else. We want to thank and congratulate our sellers. You have enticed some of the most qualified and efficient buyers in the industry to work with you.

This is just the start.

We are excited by ten digits, but 11 and 12 are not far away.

Some teams promise you their hard work to bring you what you need. We know it takes more than sweat and tears. We are harnessing everything we have – our effort, our intelligence, our resources, and the mutual destruction of our love lives – in order to be the most powerful acquisition and disposition tool for you, our clients.

Here’s to all of you… and to getting to $15 billion.

-Jesse Feldman, CMO