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Platform Update: Streamlining Transactions

Transaction Management
Organization is the best friend (and enemy) of real estate professionals. This is especially true for individuals that find themselves working on numerous real estate transactions. Even a near transaction comes with stacks of intricate documents jumbling back and forth between parties and keeping track of the intricacies of one transaction can be a perplexing endeavor. Well, what if you have six transactions, maybe 12, and each transaction is at a different stage. Spinning this many plates is one of the many migraines associated with being a real estate professional.

Brevitas is a powerful tool to connect buyers and sellers, although simply connecting parties does not make a platform. Our intent is to find every pain point that our users have and eliminate them. Organization makes things easier. Organization is a lot easier when someone else takes care of it for you. We do that.

Our transaction tracking removes much of the chaos inherent in transaction management. We took all of your pending transactions on Brevitas and organized them for you in an easy-to-navigate side bar on your dashboard. Your transaction are now listed based on recency and you can immediately see where you left off and if you have any actionable steps. Uniting this new feature with the current document lockbox allows you to track everything, from the broad view (all of your transactions and where they are) to the minute details of every document that has been sold.

Communication is key. Once you connect with a party on Brevitas, you have the ability to email and call each other just like you normally would in your interactions. Although, we knew that having a place within the platform to house your conversation and keep track of who has said what and when was of the utmost importance.

So we built a chat feature.

Now you can immediately communicate with the people you are working with directly through Brevitas, making it simple to manage the documents you’ve shared and your conversations all in one, dedicated place.

Coming Next?
Brevitas is a tool for the industry’s top brokers, allowing them to reach a network of vetted buyers that may have never seen their assets otherwise. Although, in order to protect those brokers, we didn’t let other brokers on the buy side (this ensures that no one attempts to subvert the closed listing process or shop assets that they shouldn’t be shopping) – this creates a catch 22. We want our brokers to have access to inventory! In the coming weeks, we will be introducing some changes that will allow brokers access to a significant inventory of assets.