Brevitas Mobile Platform Launching in 2016

Brevitas is set to launch for mobile use in the start of 2016. We aim to make closing deals more efficient, connecting you with sophisticated buyers and sellers of today’s most exclusive investment real estate. This product launch will bring our full featured platform to your mobile device so that you can execute business whenever or wherever you are. Search for new investments, execute contracts, and manage your disposition process all from one place.

Mobile Features

Investment Search

Search for the latest investment properties exclusively on Brevitas, right from your mobile phone. You can now search by location, utilize powerful filters, and save favorite properties from any mobile device.

Execute Contracts

Docusign eSignature is now fully integrated with our mobile platform. Sign, review, or edit confidentiality agreements right from your mobile phone. Get immediate access to new opportunities on Brevitas.

Messaging and Deal Management

Keep in close communication with property buyers and sellers anywhere in the world. Setting up deals and managing transactions from different time zones can be difficult, Brevitas messaging and document exchange allows you to communicate more efficiently.

We aim to make global acquisitions and dispositions as efficient as possible. The Brevitas mobile website only improves this process. We look forward to your increased access and capabilities, and hope to help you close more transactions in 2016.

Thank You,

The Brevitas Team