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Brevitas is changing the way private transactions are conducted in the commercial space. With over fifteen billion dollars in asset listings, we are the leading online platform dedicated to private investment sales.

Stop by our booth at ICSC REcon and discover firsthand how the Brevitas private marketplace can drive value to your CRE business by increasing your listing’s exposure to qualified investors, giving you access to thousands of exclusive investment opportunities and growing your network within our vetted pool of members. Our team will be onsite showcasing live demos of the product, and  guiding new users through the sites’ many useful features.

Premium Membership is absolutely free for anyone who signs up before January 2017 and can be done onsite at the show, or by visiting

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Marketplace Mall is located in the North Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center, easily accessible where Paradise Rd meets Convention Center Drive.  You can easily locate the Brevitas Booth #N1166 by clicking here and selecting “Add to My Show” in the far right hand column of the page.


Brevitas Announces Collaboration With Embassy Group

SAN FRANCISCO, April 6, 2016 – Commercial real estate marketplace, Brevitas, announced its collaboration with one of India’s largest development companies, Embassy Group. The collaboration serves to further expand Brevitas’ presence in one of commercial real estate’s emerging markets. Brevitas is the leading online platform dedicated to off-market commercial properties. Membership is limited to qualified investors and brokers of commercial real estate assets from around the globe.

The agreement cements the relationship between one of the world’s preeminent asset management and development firms with the most powerful resource for buying and selling commercial real estate privately. With an influx of activity throughout the primary American markets and Western Europe, Brevitas has seen rapid growth since launching this past September, now boasting over ten billion dollars in assets for sale. The collaboration with Embassy Group seeks to build on this growth to create new opportunities for Brevitas members.

“Working with Embassy Group gives us unheard of access to arguably the world’s most important real estate market. We see it as a win-win for both sides of our marketplace,” said Brevitas CEO, Ardian Zagari. “This allows us to connect our members with investment opportunities they would not otherwise have access to.”

The commercial real estate industry has been slow to embrace technology, therefore a vast majority of commercial assets are never sold online. This collaboration is representative of real estate’s biggest players arming up and preparing to adopt new, disruptive technologies in order to gain a competitive advantage.

“The Embassy team is led by forward-thinking individuals who are always pushing the envelope – it was part of why we felt this was such a natural fit. We are giving buyers and sellers of flagship real estate assets unprecedented opportunities to connect and build relationships; our agreement with Embassy Group serves to further these relationships,” explained Zagari. Details of the collaboration between the two companies are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

Brevitas Mobile Platform Launching in 2016

Brevitas is set to launch for mobile use in the start of 2016. We aim to make closing deals more efficient, connecting you with sophisticated buyers and sellers of today’s most exclusive investment real estate. This product launch will bring our full featured platform to your mobile device so that you can execute business whenever or wherever you are. Search for new investments, execute contracts, and manage your disposition process all from one place.

Mobile Features

Investment Search

Search for the latest investment properties exclusively on Brevitas, right from your mobile phone. You can now search by location, utilize powerful filters, and save favorite properties from any mobile device.

Execute Contracts

Docusign eSignature is now fully integrated with our mobile platform. Sign, review, or edit confidentiality agreements right from your mobile phone. Get immediate access to new opportunities on Brevitas.

Messaging and Deal Management

Keep in close communication with property buyers and sellers anywhere in the world. Setting up deals and managing transactions from different time zones can be difficult, Brevitas messaging and document exchange allows you to communicate more efficiently.

We aim to make global acquisitions and dispositions as efficient as possible. The Brevitas mobile website only improves this process. We look forward to your increased access and capabilities, and hope to help you close more transactions in 2016.

Thank You,

The Brevitas Team


Platform Update: Streamlining Transactions

Transaction Management
Organization is the best friend (and enemy) of real estate professionals. This is especially true for individuals that find themselves working on numerous real estate transactions. Even a near transaction comes with stacks of intricate documents jumbling back and forth between parties and keeping track of the intricacies of one transaction can be a perplexing endeavor. Well, what if you have six transactions, maybe 12, and each transaction is at a different stage. Spinning this many plates is one of the many migraines associated with being a real estate professional.

Brevitas is a powerful tool to connect buyers and sellers, although simply connecting parties does not make a platform. Our intent is to find every pain point that our users have and eliminate them. Organization makes things easier. Organization is a lot easier when someone else takes care of it for you. We do that.

Our transaction tracking removes much of the chaos inherent in transaction management. We took all of your pending transactions on Brevitas and organized them for you in an easy-to-navigate side bar on your dashboard. Your transaction are now listed based on recency and you can immediately see where you left off and if you have any actionable steps. Uniting this new feature with the current document lockbox allows you to track everything, from the broad view (all of your transactions and where they are) to the minute details of every document that has been sold.

Communication is key. Once you connect with a party on Brevitas, you have the ability to email and call each other just like you normally would in your interactions. Although, we knew that having a place within the platform to house your conversation and keep track of who has said what and when was of the utmost importance.

So we built a chat feature.

Now you can immediately communicate with the people you are working with directly through Brevitas, making it simple to manage the documents you’ve shared and your conversations all in one, dedicated place.

Coming Next?
Brevitas is a tool for the industry’s top brokers, allowing them to reach a network of vetted buyers that may have never seen their assets otherwise. Although, in order to protect those brokers, we didn’t let other brokers on the buy side (this ensures that no one attempts to subvert the closed listing process or shop assets that they shouldn’t be shopping) – this creates a catch 22. We want our brokers to have access to inventory! In the coming weeks, we will be introducing some changes that will allow brokers access to a significant inventory of assets.



Document Lockbox for real estate due diligence

Ty Warner, of the famous toy empire, once said “Even perfection has room for improvement.” While I would never feel comfortable saying we are perfect, I have a similar respect for the importance of improvement. That is why we are excited to introduce some exciting improvements to the Brevitas platform that add additional efficiency and simplicity to real estate due diligence.

We knew Brevitas was a useful tool because of the way in which it increases transactional efficiency. Members can send confidentiality agreements and communicate with each other at the click of a button. They can meet investors and sellers that exist far outside of their network in ways that they never could have before. The ability to source new business partners and transact with them so quickly is a very powerful tool, but one we knew we could improve. What happens once they connect? They begin sending a flurry of documents back and forth.

So we built a document lockbox. A place on Brevitas where our members could securely interact with each other individually and exchange documents. This virtual deal room holds every real estate due diligence document, enabling you to track every document you have sent in a place far more secure than your mail client. At Brevitas, we aim to assist you along the entire process to save you valuable time… and money.

While adding new and useful features will always be a primary focus for our development team, it is important to me that we are always looking at ways to improve what we have already built. This is a daily exercise and a challenging one as well. Examining the work you have done in the past with a completely fresh perspective is a perplexing challenge and one that I take tackling very seriously. This is why we revamped our listings page for sellers.

The My Listings pages worked well before. Members who were selling assets could scroll through their assets and make changes, but we saw that the functionality could be improved. The My Listings page now better reflects the rest of the platform with an interactive map anchoring the page, the member’s assets listed on the left, and all of their deal flow statistics are located on the right side. The purpose Brevitas serves is to take every challenge that someone selling a real estate asset faces, find the ones that can be eliminated, and eliminate them. This means having an amazing interface that allows you to effortlessly see the status of every asset you are working with and how it’s performing in the marketplace.

Continued improvement of the platform – be it the addition of crucial, new features or improving what we’ve already built – is one of our top priorities. Our goal is, and always has been, improving the process of buying and selling private commercial real estate assets. We aim to continually add efficiency for our members.