Seasoned commercial real estate experts know many of the buyers in their region. They’ve worked in their market for years and built an impressive list of contacts and established relationships with important individuals – titans of industry. This leads many dispositions professionals to believe they have access to every buyer and are going to get the best and highest price for their asset. And, in a number of instances, they are correct… but they may be forgetting a person or two.

What about the international real estate investor?

What about that Taiwanese buyer looking to stash some cash in American real estate? The investor that would buy their asset for $5 million more than any domestic buyer in their Rolodex. The investor who will buy it sight unseen and close within 15 days. Maybe that international real estate investor was worth trying to find. Right?

The globalization of commercial real estate is very real. Whether the investments are borne from the esteem associated with purchasing American real estate, higher yields relative to their domestic markets, or just as a means to house money – the cash is coming in and there is more money than there are means for foreign investors to find the right assets here.

There are legions of qualified investors across the globe looking for real estate in the United States. While some of them are well represented by stateside teams, many of them still lack the local expertise and relationships to compete for assets here, despite being as capable as local buyers when it comes time to close a deal.

Wealthy Chinese investors already occupy the role as the largest group of foreign investors purchasing real estate in the United States. Many Chinese investors are looking to diversify out of China in order to hedge their bets or to move some of their resources after taking hits in domestic equity markets. This sense of urgency is further compounded by the recent devaluations of the Yuan.

Connecting buyers and sellers across the globe has been a core focus of Brevitas and is something we have worked diligently at. Our buyer pool features top investment firms and individual investors from Guangzhou to Bangalore. Every day we are building our relationships overseas to connect our domestic members with assets and investors from across the globe. Connect with international real estate investors and assets today on Brevitas.

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