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Email marketing has been described as the highest-ROI
online marketing strategy, when implemented properly, with
67 percent of businesses listing it as their highest earner.
- Inc Magazine

Which Online Marketing Strategy Has the Best ROI?

Create Branded Emails,
Look Like a Pro

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    Add your contacts

    We’ll organize, scrub and streamline your contact lists
    to ensure high deliverability of your marketing emails.

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    Select Your Listings

    Once your contacts are organized, select which listings to include
    in your campaign. On Brevitas, your emails can feature single, or
    multiple, listings to your target list.

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    Choose a Template

    Select a template that elevates your brand and highlights your listings.
    All email campaigns sent through Brevitas are responsive across
    mobile devices.

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    Customize Your Design

    Add your fonts, brand colors, and incorporate your logo to make each
    campaign unique to you.

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    Hit Send

    Once you launch your campaign, expect inquiries from interested parties.
    Manage performance metrics and email export reports from your Brevitas

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Accelerate your listings and build brand loyalty.

Brevitas email marketing is an integrated portfolio of digital marketing tools that
help brokers and agents deliver custom marketing campaigns.


Automate property
email content


Deliver branded


Easily track interest
and export reports

Key Benefits

Email marketing for real estate

Design and Launch

Send branded, relevant digital marketing campaigns
to your contacts. Brevitas email marketing helps you
create, customize, and launch email messages to
deliver timely property updates. Grab your audiences
attention in the moments that matter—all without
writing code, graphic designers, complex technical
training, or a reliance on other experts.

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Contact List Hygiene

Ensure 99% of your emails reach your contacts. Verify your email list and integrate our real-time email verification API.
Quickly verify your email list to eliminate bounces, old emails, spam traps, and more. Improving campaign performance and
inbox placement.

Connect, activate, and leverage data from multiple sources to define segments that improve engagement with each contact.
This will improve engagement on your listings and increase interaction. Continuously measure performance of all key
segments to ensure each message is appropriate and relevant. Export these measurements with a report at any time.

Automated Templates

No coding needed - use our intuitive email design page to create custom campaigns. Choose colors, logo size, broker layout and
more. Quickly toggle between mobile and desktop previews to ensure the email consistently renders perfectly on any device.


  • Built by email design experts
  • Fully tested in all email clients. (Outlook, Gmail, etc)
  • Build a beautiful property email in less than 5 minutes
  • Multiple listings on one email
  • Save on expensive designers
  • Fully responsive on mobile devices
  • Ditch your flyers! Those are outdated!
  • Export your HTML and send in other systems
  • Custom to your account - you own the template
  • Built in tracking codes when sent through Brevitas for full analytics