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Name Title Want Type Markets Listing Type Price
Mark Scharff
Dabes Realty Corporation Inc.
15 unit ground up building Client Want Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118, USA Development
Cody Lutsch
Fat Property, LLC
HOUSTON: Experienced closer / legit buyer - Looking for class B-C multifamily. Small okay if in the 610 loop, but bigger as you go out Acquisition Criteria Houston, TX, USA DevelopmentHotelIndustrialLand5 others < $40m
Phoebe Kim
Sadiku & Associates
Grocery / Convenience Store in North Dallas Client Want Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX, USAFrisco, TX, USAPlano, TX, USACarrollton, TX, USA9 others Retail < $2m
Randy O Rourke
WRS Real Estate
60-100 Unit Apartments Client Want San Antonio, TX, USA Multifamily $3m - $12m
Ricardo Lazoff
FIP Realty-FIP Investments
Looking for land from 7,500-25,000 SF for Ground up Development or Value Add Multi-Family Client Want Miami, FL, USA HotelLandMultifamily < $5m
Pat Larson
Rayborns Plumbing, Inc
Plex properties Buyer Want Sherwood, OR 97140, USATualatin, OR, USANewberg, OR 97132, USAMcMinnville, OR 97128, USA Multifamily < $1m
Zachary Fisher
Palisades One
Medical Office Search Apex Acquisition Criteria Apex, NC, USAHolly Springs, NC, USAFuquay-Varina, NC, USA Office
Zachary Fisher
Palisades One
Retail Space for Nail Salon Lease Space Triangle, NC, USA Retail
Kiran Vithlani
Value Add Client Want Washington, USA DevelopmentIndustrialMixed UseOffice2 others < $5m
Hassan Tomeh
Haverhill Holdings
Looking for retail and/or MF in and around the Atlanta area Acquisition Criteria Atlanta, GA, USA Mixed UseMultifamilyRetail
Maurice Veissi
Veissi &, Inc.
RETAIL OR INDUSTRIAL STAND ALONE PREFERED Acquisition Criteria Miami-Dade County, FL, USAMiami Lakes, FL, USAMedley, FL, USAMiami Gardens, FL, USA2 others IndustrialMixed UseRetailSpecial Purpose < $1m
Aldo Siciliano
Texas Value-add Multifamily Acquisition Criteria Austin, TX, USAHouston, TX, USA Mixed UseMultifamily
Ted Lacy
MTN Retail Advisors
Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid Portfolio Client Want Nebraska, USAUtah, USAIllinois, USA Retail < $200m
Fane Joseph
Mulholland Equity Partners Inc.
Multifamily Buyer Want Texas, USAFlorida, USANevada, USAArizona, USA1 others Multifamily > $5m
Fane Joseph
Mulholland Equity Partners Inc.
Hotel 4/5 star Florida or Colorado, re position, old style...needs work or reflag Client Want Florida, USA Hotel $50m - $150m
Soovojit Biswas
Looking for Multifamily from 800K to 1 Million Buyer 1031 United States Multifamily < $1m
Skip Rotticci
Colliers International
Mobile Home Parks Client 1031 Washington, USAOregon, USAIdaho, USANevada, USA1 others Multifamily $4m - $10m
Jon Rose
Charles Wayne Properties, Inc.
Single purpose retail, FL only Acquisition Criteria Orlando, FL, USATampa, FL, USAJacksonville, FL, USA Retail $1m - $3m
Zachary Lerner
Dhillon Partners
Grocery anchored retail, 8%+ cap rate Buyer Want United States Retail $7m - $20m
Jimmy Shatara
JAG Property Holdings
Low Vacancy / Completely Vacant Office/Medical Office Buildings Thoughout Major Markets In Indiana Acquisition Criteria Indianapolis, IN, USAWestfield, IN, USANoblesville, IN, USACarmel, IN, USA12 others