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Name Title Want Type Markets Listing Type Price
Patrick Sullivan
Blanchard Real Estate
STNL Retail Needs - Short Lease Term (< 6 Years) Buyer Want United States Retail
Hentz Menard
Citi Habitats
Residential/Mixed Use Development Sites - NYC - 150,000+ BSF Acquisition Criteria Manhattan, New York, NY, USABrooklyn, NY, USA DevelopmentLandSpecial Purpose
Mark Hinkins, CCIM, FRICS
Strong Closing Capabilities 1031x Upleg needed up to $10mm Client 1031 Denver, CO, USABoulder, CO, USAAtlanta, GA, USAAustin, TX, USA4 others IndustrialMixed UseOfficeRetail1 others $3m - $10m
Bill Jassal
Marcus & Millichap
Flagged Hotel in Boston, MA Client Want Boston, MA, USA Hotel $15m - $25m
Bill Jassal
Marcus & Millichap
Looking for core downtown properties!! Client Want New York, NY, USAChicago, IL, USALos Angeles, CA, USASeattle, WA, USA4 others HotelMixed UseOfficeRetail $20m - $250m
Melissa Rodriguez
Net Lease Realty Partners
Multiple Buyer Requirements Acquisition Criteria United States Retail $1m - $1m
Ross White
RW Capital Group Inc.
Industrial/Medical Office Properties Wanted Client 1031 California, USAPhoenix, AZ, USA IndustrialOffice < $10m
Melissa Rodriguez
Net Lease Realty Partners
Retail in Tax free States | $5.8M All cash | 5-8% CAP Client 1031 United States Retail $2m - $5m
Gary Pantiskas
Aspen Tree Real Estate
Contaminated Properties Client Want California, USA IndustrialMixed UseOfficeRetail1 others $2m - $25m
Mike Walling
City Commercial Group, LLC
Vancouver Washington Commercial Client 1031 Washington Mixed UseOfficeSpecial Purpose $4m - $5m
Broadway Realty
Office or Multi Family Buiding Tribeca and Soho Client Want New YorkNew JerseyMarylandMassachusetts8 others MultifamilyOffice $5m - $100m
Peter Park
Prime Properties Asset Management
Need a class A office bldg, $25 M to $50 M. Client Want Los Angeles, CA, USA Office $25m - $50m
Nanu Gill
Blue Diamond Capital, LLC
B or C class Multifamily Building Buyer Want Utah, USAIdaho, USAOregon, USAWashington, USA1 others Multifamily < $1m
John Cavin
Cavin Family Properties
Seek Value-Add Retail, Gas, Shopping Centers, and existing buildings on main highways Buyer Want Nashville, TN, USAClarksville, TN, USAFranklin, TN, USA Retail < $20m
Christian Pera
Colliers | Rosemont
Corporate QSR & Fast Casual Client Want United States $1m - $5m
James Martin
University Avenue Partners
Bay Area Retail Properties, $1-30M - Zero debt real estate fund looking for acquisitions Acquisition Criteria San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA DevelopmentRetail < $30m
Steve Freeman
Coldwell Banker Commercial Alfonso Realty
50 - 150 Unit Apartment Complex In Pensacola/Orange Beach Client Want Pensacola, FL, USAPensacola Beach, FL, USAOrange Beach, AL, USAHuntsville, AL, USA2 others Multifamily
Jesse Harris
Coldwell Banker Commercial Metro Brokers
Off market hotel Client Want Georgia, USAFlorida, USA Hotel $22m - $1,000m
Sam Macdonald
Third Space Property Group
Self-Storage Facilities - Nationwide - Existing or In Construction Client Want United States IndustrialSpecial Purpose $1m - $20m
Smitaben M Desai
Individual Investor
Need to buy hotels Client Want Cincinnati, OH, USA DevelopmentHotel < $15m