Technology is becoming so ubiquitous that we sometimes forget how huge its effect is upon our productivity and performance. CRE has changed dramatically in the last few years, thanks to technology companies that tailor their products to our industry, and from the looks of things they’re just getting started.

While few would argue that tech tools are beneficial, they’re still just catching on with the CRE industry. A recent survey showed only 27 percent of responding professionals use sites such as RealMassive, LoopNet and CoStar to find or list commercial real estate space, and 18 percent use e-mail marketing programs.

Often the reason given for failing to make use of technology tools in CRE is a lack of time to select and learn to use relevant applications and platforms. There are a massive number of tools from which to choose, so it can be very helpful to have a general idea of what the best of them can do for you.

Here are 19 tech companies that are changing the way CRE does business.

Compstak @CompStak

This free tool allows brokers around the country to upload information on CRE deals in a shared database. Their experts verify participants and check data for accuracy.

Fundrise  @fundrise

This groundbreaking CRE crowdfunding site eliminates the middleman in high quality commercial real estate investments. The site has over 80,000 members, and has handled more than $3 billion in transactions.

MotionLoft  @motionloft

This platform specializes in real-time vehicle and pedestrian counts using embedded sensors. They provide critical data to shopping centers, parking garages, malls, urban streets and other commercial spaces where traffic volume and patterns matter.  Brokers use the information to create a richer picture of commercial properties for their clients.

Cozy  @CozyCo

Cozy is a landlord’s best friend. It facilitates tenant screening, rent collection, and vacancy listings, all on one user-friendly site. Over 45,000 property managers currently use Cozy.

Hightower @Hightower

This is an elegant commercial leasing platform that provides real time leasing analytics and visibility into the performance of real estate portfolios. The platform includes mobile apps that allow teams to collaborate in real time, streamline deal tracking & analysis, and ultimately speed up the deal making process.

40 Nuggets  @40Nuggets

This platform analyzes and tracks the behavior of visitors to your site, helping you to identify prospects and target conversion efforts.

Pivotdesk @PivotDesk

An office sharing company, PivotDesk lists workplaces across the country in which host companies have space to spare. Small organizations, startups, and companies expanding into new markets can find ideal and economical workplace options.

RealConnex  @Realconnex

This site provides networking for CRE professionals, connecting sellers and investors, facilitating collaboration, and tracking activity. New deals and services added every day.

Floored @Floored3D

Floored brings properties to life online, utilizing the latest in 3D modeling technology to create customized, interactive environments. Visually stunning and stunningly effective.

Apto  @aptotude

This is an all-in-one tool for CRE management. Apto lets you manage contacts, properties, listings, deals and back-office—anywhere, from any device.

Property Capsule  @PropertyCapsule

This platform centralizes all CRE property information to save time and increase performance. It keeps plans, maps, images, and property characteristics updated and organized.

Brevitas  @BrevitasCRE

That's would be us! A private marketplace for CRE, We provide qualified investors with access to off-market deals.

WiredScore  @WiredScore

This company provides evaluation and certification for commercial buildings with regard to their level of connectivity, an important consideration for today’s tenant.

AssetAvenue @AssetAvenue

AssetAvenue is a streamlined investment funding platform. This gives entrepreneurs the same access to capital that larger investors enjoy.

VTS @viewthespace

This is a platform for leasing and asset management. It centralizes your entire portfolio, and adds market intelligence and marketing tools. @Create_Tech

This site produces 3D maps of your market with embedded data on the location.

HonestBuildings @honestbuildings

This project management platform connects team members and provides tools for bid management, vendors, and project comparisons.

REscour @Rescour

CRE data aggregation par excellence, REscour gathers internal and external data from more than 200 different types of data points.

RealMassive  @RealMassive

This is a massive workplace market, with over 4.5 billion square feet currently listed, from locations across the country.

Raisal @raisalco

A Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Marketplace, Raisal has one of the sleekest platforms in the industry. They help you gather multiple offers on any CRE loan to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Genea @GetGenea

This tenant billing software helps automate HVAC and Electrical systems, making it a major cost reducer for buildings and their tenants.


The number one source for commercial real estate intelligence in India, Propstak has become a major player in the real estate data space throughout India. Expect a continuous rise in users and adoption in this emerging market.

The News Funnel @TNF_RE

Content Marketing is the present and future of marketing. The News Funnel offers a suite of products for CRE companies and brands, this includes advertising, marketing services, content creation and news aggregation.

Viva Real @VivaReal

As personal friends of ours at Brevitas, the founders at VivaReal made a major impact in the real estate tech space in Brazil. They are now the number one real estate tech company south of the US. Find your next apartment or home in Brazil on VivaReal.

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