What would you pay to have access to only the best of everything? If you could guarantee that your pizza would always be Brooklyn quality. That your vehicle would always offer Italian performance and German handling. That your pilot was going to fly like Chesley Sullenberger.

What if you could ensure the people you are doing business with are accredited, accomplished, and trustworthy? Regardless of Uber horror stories, it’s a step up from hitch hiking and if you lost your wallet in a cab… good luck. Do you want to buy your tickets from a shady scalper or through a guaranteed secondary ticket market, like StubHub?

The value in having someone vet the person standing on the other side of the market is magnified tremendously in white collar industries. And in an industry filled with rumors and false promises, real estate deserves special mention.

The “real estate investor” who is ready to shop your deal around without you knowing. The broker connected to a listing through a mile-long string of people. No one wants to work with these people and, unfortunately, for every qualified and efficient professional there are ten of these unsavory individuals.

One of the most challenging aspects of the trade of institutional real estate is avoiding the people that complicate deals, burning away hours and destroying deals. No one works tirelessly to remove these individuals from your world… until now.

Brevitas is this filter. Our sellers are direct on any asset they sell. Buyers on Brevitas are liquid.

In the formative days of Brevitas we were dejected when we had to turn down listing after listing, but we did. Time and time again. We had – and still have – a thorough vetting process that requires everyone listing assets on the platform to offer a Letter of Authorization or other equitable proof they directly represent an asset. Flagship assets rolled on to the platform and, to our chagrin, we turned them down time and time again because the individual selling couldn’t even whiff at what broker really had the listing. It was tough.

And it is paying off. Legitimate sellers brought us significant assets. And our buyers began to trust us to bring them not only deals they cannot find anywhere else, but to connect them with someone who can immediately close. Not someone, who knows someone, that has a friend, that has the listing – and, of course – they’re all going to take their bite out of the apple.

In the same vein we’ve been inundated with potential buyers. Working with captains of industry and real estate acquisitions professionals behind some of the world’s most powerful buying institutions has been a mutually wonderful experience. There is another side to that coin – we flipped through thousands of buyers that had no business having access to the listings we sourced and could never connect our sellers to. And we had to turn them down.

What did that leave us with? A chiseled marketplace. How are we doing it? Brick-by-brick. We use proprietary technology and, honestly, individualized research to personally vet every individual that wants access to Brevitas and every listing placed on our platform.

It takes an incredible amount of work, but we know this is a core value that we offer to our members.

When you use Brevitas, you can rest assured that we are linking you to real assets and real buyers. And even then, you still have selective control over who you want to work with, filtering your buyers and assets based on whatever criteria you decide.

Our commitment to quality is our bond. As long as you work with us, we promise to work diligently to only connect you with the individuals you deserve to work with.

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