We've made some exciting new updates at Brevitas that I'd like to bring to your attention. Our advanced Email Campaign system was released last week and we're improving the way brokers market their clients' properties.

Customize your outreach effortlessly.

Brevitas cleans your list of contacts before you send to ensure the highest level of deliverability (99.3% avg. deliverability rate).

Personalize your message to your contacts and choose from a variety of customizable templates.

Confidently target your contacts and track their activity.

Import or create categorized lists for your contacts so you send the right message at the optimal time.

Our advanced email reporting gives you valuable insight on how your campaigns perform and helps you prioritize your follow-ups.

Manage your campaign activity with your team 

Maximize efficiency by allowing members of your team to create campaigns and send on your behalf.

We make it easy for you and your team to track the activity, manage your virtual deal rooms and communicate effectively with your clients. No need to switch between platforms, our streamlined approach saves you time so you can focus on closing more deals!

Schedule a Demo

Want to learn how to best use campaigns? Set up a demo with the Brevitas team.

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Are you ready to get started with a campaign? 

Please let us know if you need help adding listings or contacts to the system.

Talk soon, Walker

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