What are the top goals of brokers? Bringing in leads, making relationships and closing deals are a few important ones. To achieve these goals, marketing your brand and listings are musts.

So, how can you be more effective at marketing your brokerage and listings? It is important to start from the ground up with your brand.

Ensure brand consistency

David Ogilvy called a brand “the intangible sum of a product’s attributes.” More than just your name, logo, messaging and color scheme, your brokerage’s brand is how people feel when they walk into your office, interact with your employees or respond to your materials. The sum of your brokerage’s attributes—every single interaction people have with your company—speaks volumes about the services you provide. Your brand is a promise to your clients as well as your team.

Buildout works with your brokerage’s team to establish your brand and develop dynamic blueprints for quickly and easily creating brand-consistent materials. Buildout opens up their design team to work with you to continue your established brand or completely reimagine how you present your brokerage. Once you nail down your brokerage’s brand with the consultation of our designers, you’ll be able to show off that brand in proposals, brochures, OMs, and more. Having a professional-looking brand gives you the upper hand against brokerages with huge design teams.

Syndicate with marketplaces

Now that you have professional-looking materials, you are ready to showcase your properties on online marketplaces, such as Brevitas. Opening up your properties with professional-looking documents to a larger audience allows you to expand your network, establish new relationships and close deals.

Buildout syndicates with Brevitas so at the click of a button, you can get your properties in front of as many eyes as possible to help you generate more leads and close more deals.

Really showcase properties

There’s more than just square footage and price to a property. Location is key, and investors care about walkability and area. Businesses have taken notice of location, too. In fact, 83 percent of office tenants prefer walkable areas. When marketing an office or residential property, showcase restaurants, cafés, grocery stores and other destinations that contribute to walkability.

With Buildout’s retailers maps, you can highlight important retailers around your properties, like a Starbucks near an office building. People in Commercial Real Estate aren’t just investing in the building, but the area and neighborhood around it. Buildout’s retailer maps give you a competitive edge by really showing your property and why it would be a great investment.

Practice email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get your brokerage’s listings in front of the right audience. In fact, the number of email users in the United States is predicted to grow by more than 10 million people by 2020, reaching 255 million email users. Using email marketing has become a necessity to keep up with competitors in the industry.

With Buildout, you can instantly pull information from your property database to create an email. Feature up to 20 properties with the multi-property email, show off a single listing with the individual property email or advertise your space requirements with a space needs email. Try experimenting with the time you send your email and subject lines to find the most effective combination for you.

Simplify your marketing with Buildout

Utilizing marketing for your Commercial Real Estate properties may seem overwhelming with all the activities to generate interest in your properties. Buildout combines all of these marketing activities into one software, saving time and making marketing easier. With Buildout, you can market your brokerage and property listings from propose to close, showcasing your brand, saving you time and allowing everyone on your team to focus on the activities that directly impact your bottom line. Find out more by visiting https://buildout.com.

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