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Real estate email marketing is a primary client communication channel. A broker or agent's ability to deliver an effective email can make or break their business. So, gaining your clients' trust and attention through effective email communication is paramount. Let's take a look at some ways to maximize your email marketing efforts.

How To Build Your Email List

Building a current list of subscribers is not an easy task. You'll want to identify as many channels as possible to gain consenting subscribers. If you are in residential real estate, you might find that your open houses or networking events can be effective. Giving away free tools, insights or market reports in exchange for email addresses is a great way, as well. Those tools might include a mortgage or investment calculator, a downloadable property improvement worksheet or access to an underwriting tool. These are all useful ways to provide value to potential clients while also gaining opt-in subscribers.

Another surefire way to build your list is to send amazing emails. Build thoughtful content, and subscribers may forward your emails to their friends and associates. Compiling some of the best new listings, providing market reports or sharing some of your expertise, which we'll explore further below, should do the trick.

How To Maximize Open Rates

Keeping a current and clean subscriber list is very important. Purchased, farmed or stale lists will all usually result in poor open rates. Especially if you are sending from your own server, you'll want to clean your emails with a service like NeverBounce or Kickbox. Those services will let you know which emails are undeliverable and which might be risky. Keeping a healthy list and focusing on quality over quantity will keep your emails landing in the inbox and not in the spam folder.

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