RPR asked our CEO, Ardian Zagari, to sit down and discuss how to use Brevitas to send effectively email campaigns and engage with clients. 

Featured here is an excerpt from their post:

"In this video, we chat with Ardian Zagari, co-Founder of Brevitas. We all understand that in today’s world, we might feel a bit awkward promoting properties unsolicited. However, we also know that we have to keep deals flowing. In our conversation, Ardian provides pointers on crafting your email campaigns so they’ll be welcomed by recipients and drive engagement. By using Brevitas as a proxy, we discuss various ways to track a campaign’s impact." 

Ask an Expert: Engaging Through Email Campaigns in Difficult Times with Ardian Zagari from Realtors Property Resource® on Vimeo.

Find the link to RPR's full blog here: http://blog.narrpr.com/commercial/engaging-buyers-email-campaigns/.

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