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Real estate listings are pushed all throughout the internet. Syndications, MLS feeds and APIs have created a network of sites that can pull in real estate information from all over. That’s mostly thanks to the MLSs throughout the country that have created co-ops and the ability for brokers and agents to share this information. The same goes in commercial real estate, where listing syndication to various marketplace sites has gained momentum. 

All this information being shared is great for the general market and creates a quick and effective way for information to be dispersed. However, if you’re looking to maximize the performance of your own listing, you can make a big impact by taking more control of how you share this property with your immediate network, whether that is other agents and brokers or investors. As someone who’s analyzed the performance of hundreds of thousands of real estate listings, tested and reviewed every type of property landing page and call to action, and is in the process of building a tool to give brokers this functionality, I can confidently say that dedicated property sites have demonstrated the strongest conversion rates time after time.

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