San Francisco, CA – CommLoan is pleased to announce a partnership with Brevitas. CommLoan is the leading marketplace in commercial lending providing loan quotes that best match the properties listed on the Brevitas platform. Combining CommLoan's award-winning lending technology with the state-of-the-art Brevitas marketplace offers a one-stop shop for any commercial real estate buyer.  

As one of the market’s leading commercial real estate platforms, Brevitas is known for its deal management software, a suite of marketing tools, and expansive listing portfolio throughout its global marketplace. Their utility is employed by the National Association of Realtors, where they integrate critical property data through Realtors Property Resource (RPR®), as well as notable brokerages and qualified investors across six continents. 

“I am delighted to partner with Brevitas. By combining the CommLoan lending platform with the Brevitas platform takes the commercial real estate and multifamily buying experience to a whole new level,” said Mitch Ginsberg, CommLoan CEO

 As one of a kind commercial real estate lending marketplace, CommLoan ingests the data points of all available loan programs from over 500 lenders across the nation and then uses search algorithms to match borrowers up with the best matching available loans and terms based on each borrower’s specific financing needs.


“Giving our users the opportunity to have instant access to a personalized loan quote on any deal they are review on Brevitas is a powerful feature* that adds to our user experience,” said Ardian Zagari, Brevitas CEO.


Supported by a collection of sales management and marketing tools, Brevitas streamlines all aspects of the sales process by allowing brokers and agents to manage leads, launch customizable marketing campaigns, create custom listings websites, network with qualified members, and protect critical documents. From listing to close, Brevitas increases efficiency and ease at every step.

At launch, the Commloan and Brevitas integration creates a notable mark on the increasing trend of Commercial Real Estate professionals’ use of intelligent technology and deal management software to support the market’s economic recovery and exponential growth. 


About Commloan

Founded in 2014, CommLoan is the true commercial real estate lending marketplace with the innovative platform CUPID. CommLoan has streamlined the multifaceted process of obtaining commercial real estate financing. With the touch of a button, CUPID can sort through hundreds of lenders and thousands of loan programs to find the right loan that fits borrowers’ specific needs. Combined with concierge service throughout the process, it leaves the borrower with a world-class lending experience. For further information about how CommLoan’s technology disrupts the commercial real estate mortgage industry, please visit


About Brevitas

Founded in 2015, Brevitas is a real estate marketplace providing tools and services for brokers, agents, investors, and tenants that increase marketing efficiency, targeted engagement, and collaborative deal management. Built by CRE professionals, Brevitas supports more than 350,000 commercial real estate professionals worldwide. Visit to see it in action.


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