Property Sites are an easy way to launch a website specific to one property. Allowing you to share your property website link. You can then allow your clients easy access to critical documents, photos, and details about the property. All property sites are created using automated templates, making it simple to generate a site that highlights your brand in a unique fashion.

Property sites and email templates are built by expert engineers and optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Fully automated, they match up your listing data and personal information already stored on Brevitas. They are also structured with the best SEO practices to maximize organic web search performance.

The unique advantage that Brevitas provides is that your property sites are tied into your email marketed and most importantly, your online dealrooms. This is a critical next step in digital property marketing as it allows you to track activity, share messages with interested parties, exchange documents, and also accept offers online.

Let’s get started into how to build an amazing property site!

Picking a Template

20 perfected site templates are available to Brevitas elite members, 10 for premium members, and 5 templates for professional members.

30 email templates available for Elite members, 20 for premium and 10 for professional

These templates are all fully customizable to match the needs of your brand.

Don’t worry about changing your mind on which template you’d like to use, you can switch between templates at any time.

You can see all the templates here:

Custom Branding

Set your brand colors for any template and best present your property site or email as your own.


Pairing Your Colors

You can easily find brand colors by
uploading your logo or a screenshot to
Adobe Color. Then enter your Hex code into Brevitas.

Palette Preview

Custom Templates

For our members who need sites for many listings, it might be best to consider opting for a custom email or site template. Our team will take your site design and add our automated dynamic variables. The advantage of this option is that you can set all your default colors and template designs. So each new property you need to generate an email template or a site template for - just takes one click.

Here’s more on custom email templates:

And please contact our team for the same requirements on site templates.

Adjusting Fonts

Brevitas templates support either one or two fonts on each template. Generally these have one font designated for titles, headings, and prices, and another for any paragraph text. You can do some discovery on which fonts work together and match your brands style.

Most paragraph text will also have a size option, allowing you to expand or shrink the size of the font. Listings with less text may present better when using a larger sized font.


Property Site Footer Options

You’ll find 6 different footer options for your property sites. These footers might work best for your specific logo or possibly there is one that best matches the template you’ve selected. Feel free to scroll through the different options and find which one works best. You may need to adjust the font colors of your footer text, this is usually a separate color code than the rest of your paragraph text.


Document Icons

Anyone who views your site can get quick access to your property documents. You can choose which icon you’d like to display from the following options.

Documnet icon


Documnet icon


Documnet icon


Documnet icon

Blue Doc

Documnet icon


Documnet icon

Minimal Blue

Document Search

Logo Options

You have the option to use a light or dark colored
logo. You can upload the alternate logo on your
account page.

Most templates will also have an option to adjust the size of the logo.

Settings Preview

Optional Footer Text and Disclaimers

Disclaimers, broker of record, or other text
information can be input into the optional text field.

You’ll find this box at the bottom of templates.


Previews & Publishing

After you publish, your site will be located at your unique URL.

Share this link directly, on social media, or as a landing page link in email campaigns. It is structured for SEO and carries a meta title, meta description, and a feature image.

To edit/manage your listing website, go to the Site Builder page within your dashboard. Any changes that you make will update in real time.

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