Brevitas has added 10 new automated templates to the campaigns portal. This allows you to quickly generate a real estate email without the need for an expensive designer and HTML engineer. HTML emails can often be a bottleneck in the process of getting new properties to market. There are many variables that go into creating a dependable HTML email. Here is a quick list of items to keep in mind when creating your next property email. 

1. Is it mobile responsive? 

You'll want your audience to be able to easily read and digest your email no matter what device they are reading it on. Often times, we see real estate brokers and agents rely on flyer templates. We generally do not recommend the use of this type of email as it is just an image that has a link attached to it. The problem here is that any text, buttons, or photos on that image do not adjust to screen size. This will create issues for a large segment of your audience every time you send. Some of your audience will not be able to read the small text, others won't properly see your photos, and so on. 

Recommendation: We recommend all property emails be built in HTML with responsive code - tested in either Litmus or Email on Acid. 

2. Does the email render correctly in all inboxes? 

Real estate professionals use a number of different email clients. From Outlook to Gmail, each inbox may display your email differently.  It's important that you test any HTML you are using in an email testing app so you can see how it performs in each inbox. We advise our members to avoid untested emails as you may be delivering  a broken message to a segment of your audience. 

Recommendation: Sign up for an email testing service if you plan on building your own HTML emails. If you hire someone to build your emails - double check with them that any work has been tested. 

3. Is it reusable? 

Unless you're someone who wants every email you make to be completely unique, you'll want to create something that can highlight your listings and your brand that can quickly be adapted to new properties.  Brevitas offers the ability to create a custom template that be be reused to generate an email for any property you have in your account.  This is a time and money saver that helps you get your message out quickly. 

Recommendation:  Design an automated template that can be reused for any property. 

4. Is it tested for SPAM?

Many real estate professionals are unaware that emails are often flagged for spam due to common variables in an email. Things like sales prices in the high millions, offers and text such as "sale", and other terms that promote attention to a sale can be flagged. We usually suggest our users refrain from things like ALL CAPS TEXT, fully printed prices ($23,000,001), and image only emails.  We advise using abbreviated prices ($23m) and clearly marking your paragraph and header text. 

Recommendation: Check your email for the items mentioned above

5. Does your email contain text?

Another issue we often see with flyer (image only) emails is that they have no text. It is simply an image with a link attached. Many email clients and spam testing software will flag these messages as spam due to the fact there is no text for them to review and categorize the email. The email photo could contain anything. By having text in your message, you make it easy for your audience to know what the message is about and that it's not a harmful message. 

Recommendation:  Stay away from image only emails, use a template with proper tags and text mark up. 

Hopefully these items are a good reminder that email marketing has many variables to consider. A good email marketing process and system can set you up for success. Email marketing generally has the best ROI and is an affordable and effective way to market property.  By using automated templates and removing the need for a designer and engineer, you'll save both money and time and be able to best represent yourself, your brand, and your property listings. 

Contact our team with any questions about email marketing o about creating your own custom template.

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