Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing mediums. An extremely high ROI on your marketing budget makes it a clear necessity when marketing property for sale or lease. We often hear from our customers that they have been unsuccessful with many of their email campaigns, and often we notice a clear reason for these issues. Bad contact lists! 

Many brokers and agents have been in business for decades. Slowly building up their list or clients and industry contacts. The issue here is that often these people have changed companies or have changed emails. So what happens is you get a large percentage of your contact lists that are stale our no longer active. 

People generally want to build their lists, not make them smaller. However, keeping bad contacts in your list can severely damage your email delivery.  What happens is that when you send your email campaign, many of your old contact emails will bounce or be undeliverable. This creates a good chance your email will be flagged as spam and not delivered to the primary inbox of your good contact either. 

We have a solution - Cleaning Your Contact Lists. 

Brevitas uses an email verification service - Kickbox to clean your contact lists before you send your property marketing campaigns. 

This removes: 

Inactive emails  

role based email address 

misspelled emails

incomplete emails 

nonsense email strings

Spam sign ups 

Purchased list contacts and spam traps. 

Removing these bad addresses from your contact list will help improve your email delivery rates, open rates, and click through rates. Allowing you to get your message heard and your property listings seen. 

Clean your contact list

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