Managing listings on your existing website can be a challenge. Here are a few reasons you'll want to choose the easiest solution and embed your Brevitas listings on your own website.

  1. Manage your listings from a central portal, specialized for real estate.
  2. No need to contact your web design to make listing updates.
  3. Post your listings to an active marketplace as well as your own site.
  4. Make easy updates in real time.
  5. Accept offers online.
  6. Exchange messages and documents with your clients.
  7. Offer all your disclosure documents and protect them with a digital confidentiality agreement when needed.
  8. Use a sleek and mobile responsive design.

Adding your listings to your existing website is easy. All you need to do is add a simple snippet of code to the page where you want to display your listings. This will work on most sites on wordpress, html, or others. Simply reach out to our team if you have compatability questions.


  1. Add your listings to Brevitas.
  2. Create a team
  3. Contact Brevitas for your embedded code.
  4. Update your website and your new listing search will be live on your site! .

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