In the ever-competitive landscape of real estate, standing out among peers and competitors has never been more crucial. is leveling up the playing field by introducing its new professional search feature that is not just a listing; it's a comprehensive ranking system. Designed to bring the most active and premium members to the forefront, this new search functionality is a game-changer for agents who are serious about their success. Let's delve into the specifics of how this ranking works and why you should care.

The Brevitas Ranking Algorithm: How It Works

Premium Members Take the Lead

If you are on a basic account, you may want to reconsider. Premium members get the lion's share of visibility on Brevitas' new professional search. This top-tier ranking is the first filtering criterion, making premium membership an indispensable asset for agents looking to capture quality leads and build a robust professional profile.

Activity Matters

It's not just about paying for a premium account; it's about what you do with it. Brevitas weighs overall account activity to determine your spot on the professional search list. Posting all your listings, creating unique property websites, and sending out email campaigns can significantly boost your visibility.

Complete Your Profile

Having a half-baked profile is like going to a networking event with a stack of blank business cards. Completeness of your profile is factored into the ranking, ensuring that those who have taken the time to fully introduce themselves and their offerings receive the visibility they deserve.

Why It's a Must-Do for Serious Agents

Achieve Higher Visibility

In a market flooded with agents and brokers, visibility is key to attracting clients. When you adhere to Brevitas' ranking factors, you enhance your chances of appearing on top of professional searches, thereby increasing the likelihood of quality lead generation and successful deals.

Leverage the Power of Activity

Activity is not merely a ranking factor; it's a reflection of your market presence and commitment. By consistently posting listings, sending out email campaigns, and utilizing all features of your premium account, you’re not just improving your ranking—you’re building your brand.

Full Profiles = Full Picture

A fully completed profile gives prospective clients a comprehensive view of who you are and what you bring to the table. It's an opportunity to showcase your skills, specialties, and successes. The more complete your profile, the more confidence clients will have in your abilities.

Final Thoughts

The new Brevitas professional search isn't just another listing platform; it's a robust ranking system that can significantly impact your real estate business. By becoming a premium member, staying active, and completing your profile, you're not merely trying to top a list—you're laying the groundwork for a successful career in real estate. If you're serious about your success, adhering to these guidelines is not an option; it's a necessity.

Invest in a premium account, stay active, and complete your profile today to reap the rewards of higher visibility and more successful transactions in this competitive real estate market.

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