Land Entitled for Resorts

Corozal District, Belize



19,999 sqft

Building Size

9,500 acres

Lot Area

Building Size
19,999 sqft
Lot Area
9,500 acres

Balam Escape is currently entitled land situated in an idyllic tropical location consisting of waterfront and forest land (jungle) in Belize, Central America. The land is ideally suited for the development of three large resorts and several residential and commercial communities, which can advantageously include ecotourism and edutainment themes. The property is also ideal for land-banking for a future master planned community where the developer can leverage the vast natural resources of the land and location.

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Balam Escape is 9,500 acres of entitled land ready for development. The master plan envisions a sustainable eco-development and community ideal for three resorts, hospitality, residential (investment, 2nd home or year-round living), and commercial uses. It combines the potential for 3 luxurious hotels (up to 1,000 rooms total), 4,000 single and multi-family dwelling units, spas, a casino, a marina, an airport and a golf course, an "edutainment" environmental technologies research center, a Village Center, a water & art Park, school and hospital etc...all situated in an idyllic tropical location of oceanfront and forest land in Belize, Central America.

Belize is only a two-hour, direct flight from several metro hubs in the US (including Miami, Atlanta, Dallas and Houston) which makes it specially interesting and convenient to US customers.

900 Acres of Waterfront; 8,600 acres of Interior Lots, Forest and Lagoons (estimated)

  • The land was acquired in 2009, is owned free and clear by Balam Land Investments 1, Ltd
  • Environmental Study completed and approved by Belizean Government
  • Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP) signed and renewed in December 2015 and the Financial Incentive Package approved
  • Application for constructing an airport up to 7,000 feet runway has been approved
  • Subdivision approval granted for 1,000 acres
  • HVS ( has appraised the land in February 2016 at $44.1 Million (as is)
  • Site had previously received various LOIs from within the hotel sector and community subject to finding capital partners or capital raise.