5-Star World-Class Luxury: Aria Hotel Prague - Where Luxury, History, and Music Converge

9 Tržiště, Prague, Hlavní město Praha Czech Republic






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Step into the enchanting world of Aria Hotel Prague, where history and elegance gracefully intertwine, creating a harmonious oasis in the heart of this iconic European city. This 5-star boutique hotel is a masterpiece of design, inviting you to experience the exquisite blend of culture, art, and unparalleled hospitality. Formerly a theater, the historic complex of gray stone and yellow stucco buildings has been transformed into a musical-themed haven adorned with carefully curated artworks. Your elegant oasis in the heart of Prague awaits.

A Musical Concept:

Aria Hotel is a musical masterpiece, a tribute to some of the greatest composers in history. Each floor of this Prague boutique hotel is dedicated to a specific genre of music, such as Opera, Jazz, Contemporary, and Classical. Each room pays homage to a remarkable artist or composer from that genre, creating an exquisite investment opportunity that is rich in culture, art, and history.

Luxury in the Heart of Prague:

This investment opportunity is perfectly positioned in Mala Strana, Prague's iconic left-bank neighborhood, surrounded by Baroque palaces, churches, and gardens, nestled between the Vltava River and Prague Castle. Aria Hotel is an investment prospect deeply rooted in the history and culture of the city.

Prime Location:

The Aria Hotel is centrally located, just minutes away from Prague's most iconic sites, including Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the Royal Gardens, St. Nicholas Cathedral, and Old Town Square. This investment property allows you to own a piece of history in a sought-after location.

Top Services & Facilities:

The investment property boasts 51 deluxe accommodations, each dedicated to a specific music style or artist. These include 27 Deluxe rooms, 17 Junior Suites, and 7 Luxury Suites, spread across four floors, each representing a unique musical genre. Aria Hotel also features an executive conference room, a private screening room, the intimate Music Box private entertainment chamber, CODA restaurant and bar, a music salon, a music library, a winter garden, a fitness center, and a private parking garage.

This investment opportunity allows you to be a part of a symphony of luxury, culture, and history. It's a chance to own an exquisite piece of Prague's heritage.

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