French Riviera Boutique Hotel with Planned Expansion Plan

Cannes, France

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This boutique hotel in the Côte d'Azur, set on a 6-hectare plot and currently comprising 22 rooms, incorporates an ambitious expansion plan.
This project enhances its appeal as an investment in a region known for its cultural allure and as a prime holiday destination.

Location in a Cultural and Gastronomic Hub
Situated in a region celebrated for its artistic heritage and culinary excellence, the hotel is well-placed to attract guests seeking the quintessential experience of the French Riviera.

Comprehensive Expansion Plans
The planned expansion will increase the room count to 53 by adding 34 new rooms and suites.
Additionally, the project includes the construction of four 300m2 private villas, each with a private pool, offering an exclusive retreat for guests.
A key aspect of the expansion is the development of a new spa facility, promising a luxurious wellness experience for guests. Furthermore, the addition of a conference center aims to cater to business events, adding versatility to the hotel’s offerings.

Culinary Commitment
The hotel’s focus on quality dining, featuring local and seasonal ingredients, aligns with the Côte d'Azur's reputation as a destination for fine food.

Investment Opportunity
This property represents a unique chance to invest in the luxury hospitality market of this renowned region.
Investing in this boutique hotel means acquiring a part of the French Riviera’s charm.
The expansion project, including a new spa and conference center, positions the property as an attractive destination for both leisure and business, enhancing its potential in a market known for luxury and culture.

Disclaimer: Due to privacy concerns, the location shown on the map does not reflect the exact positioning of the property.