Quellness Golf Resort: Maximilian, Fürstenhof, and DAS LUDWIG - Your All-Inclusive Symphony of Luxury, Wellness & Golf

Kurallee 1, Bad Griesbach, Germany






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Welcome to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of the prestigious Quellness Golf Resort, an exceptional enclave of luxury, wellness, and golf in the heart of Bavaria. I am thrilled to present this extraordinary property, which encompasses three distinct hotels within this world-renowned resort.

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey at Quellness Golf Resort, where the distinguished elegance of Maximilian, the tranquil oasis of Fürstenhof, and the cozy charm of DAS LUDWIG come together in perfect harmony to offer you an exceptional all-in-one experience of luxury, wellness, and golf amidst the picturesque Bavarian landscape.

**Maximilian Hotel: Elegance Unveiled**
Your adventure begins in the world of Hotel Maximilian, where timeless elegance reigns supreme. With 205 opulent rooms, this sanctuary offers spacious and diverse accommodations that envelop you in a cocoon of luxury. Every detail speaks to refinement, from plush furnishings to impeccable service. Hotel Maximilian is the epitome of sophistication, where every moment is a brushstroke of luxury.

**Fürstenhof Hotel: A Wellness Oasis**
Next, immerse yourself in the serenity of Fürstenhof Hotel, a hidden oasis within the resort. A 4,400-square-meter health and wellness area awaits your indulgence, featuring indoor and outdoor thermal pools, hot whirlpools, saunas, sanariums, steam grottos, experience showers, and a tranquil lawn. The healing power of thermal water, sourced from depths of up to 1,000 meters, promotes well-being and offers unique relaxation. Here, the symphony of nature's soothing elements plays a melody of rejuvenation.

**Hotel DAS LUDWIG: Bavarian Coziness Meets Luxury**
Your journey culminates at Hotel DAS LUDWIG, a testament to the art of balance. In its heart, Bavarian coziness meets luxury comfort. Offering 168 spacious and cozy rooms, including junior suites, gallery suites, a studio, a grand suite, and newly renovated family rooms, it caters to various preferences. Each room is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every stay is a journey into serene refinement.

**Your Symphony of Experiences Awaits - All In One Price**

Quellness Golf Resort offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy the complete symphony of experiences within Maximilian, Fürstenhof, and DAS LUDWIG, all under one all-inclusive price. Whether you seek the thrill of the game, the serenity of wellness, or the elegance of luxury, our resort offers a canvas for every desire. It's where the strokes of indulgence meet the greens of challenge, where every note of relaxation is played to perfection.

Join us at Quellness Golf Resort, where every moment is a masterpiece waiting to be composed. Your all-in-one symphony of experiences begins here, within the embrace of Maximilian, Fürstenhof, and DAS LUDWIG.
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Luxury Trio: Three exquisite hotels, offering a total of 534 rooms, provide opulent comfort and style.
Key highlights

Golf Paradise: Europe's largest golf resort boasts ten diverse courses, meticulously designed by Bernhard Langer.

Wellness Wonderland: Extensive spa, sauna, and thermal bath facilities provide the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Family Fun: Family-friendly amenities and activities ensure everyone has a memorable time.

Bavarian Delights: Savor regional specialties and experience true Bavarian hospitality.

Nature Retreat: Explore beautiful natural surroundings for hiking and cycling adventures.

Aqua Escape: Indoor and outdoor pools offer aquatic relaxation and enjoyment.

Business Excellence: Ideal for conferences and events, with state-of-the-art facilities and a professional atmosphere.

Designed by a Legend: The resort's golf facilities are a masterpiece by renowned golfer Bernhard Langer.

Golfing Excellence: Comprehensive golf facilities and training options cater to all skill levels.

  • Triple Luxury Portfolio: Opportunity to acquire a trio of distinct hotels – Maximilian, Fürstenhof, and DAS LUDWIG, with a combined total of 534 rooms.
  • Europe’s Golf Crown: Lay claim to Europe's largest golf resort featuring ten meticulously crafted courses, designed by the golf icon, Bernhard Langer.
  • Wellness Destination: A massive 4,400-square-meter dedicated health and wellness area, equipped with thermal pools, saunas, steam grottos, and more, harnessing the therapeutic power of deep-sourced thermal water.
  • All-Inclusive Value Proposition: Unique market positioning with an all-in-one price strategy for luxury accommodation, wellness, and golf – a compelling offering for guests.
  • Expansion Potential: Ample opportunity for further development and expansion, be it additional recreational facilities, suites, or specialty-themed experiences.
  • Diverse Accommodation Options: From opulent rooms in Hotel Maximilian to the wellness-centric offerings of Fürstenhof and the cozy Bavarian charm of DAS LUDWIG, catering to a broad spectrum of guests.