Terrence Yonker


  • License #: #BK3112679
  • 101 South New York Avenue. Unit 201 • Winter Park, FL, 32789, United States


Terry is the founder and lead broker at Buckeye Realty.

A broker since 2004 with over 400 completed transactions for private investors and individuals, as well as municipalities and banks, Terry is an expert in local and international markets, real estate practices & industry standards. Fluent in French, Spanish & Chinese, he has proven experience transacting across cultures & languages.

Buckeye Realty is dedicated to building a global client-centred real estate community based on trust, honesty, transparency and efficiency derived from market expertise.

Buckeye Realty's mission is to help clients from around the world build wealth and financial freedom through their real estate investments in the U.S. through a radically-transparent and client-centered brokerage model.

How Buckeye Realty makes a difference:

1. Properties are listed on all major portals, not just Buckeye Realty's company website, for a property-centric, not company-centric, experience

2. Commissions are open & transparent, with a 50/50 split, to encourage cooperation with the thousands of brokers operating the market and interacting with potential 'perfect buyers'

3. Dedicated staff are responsible for each step of the transaction to manage and scale each individual property to the maximum

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