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Apartment Complexes, 150+ Keys, Garden style, Built 1980 +

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Interested to see any large multifamily as long as... (1) I know who is the seller and (2) all the financials are available - if there are no financials, we pass.
I will not give a POF and LOI upfront to get the information. The Status of the company will speak for itself.
I will want to know how long it's been for sale "off market" and was it ever on the Market?

Below is what I was looking for in West Coast but they are expanding and will consider TX, CO, OK, FL
Garden style, value-add multifamily homes located in neighborhoods with strong median incomes and good schools”.
•Unit Count: 200 – 500 unit properties. Portfolios considered, Under 200 considered as well
•Age: 1980 or later construction
•Schools Score: 5+ (preferably 7+)
•Density: 20 units / acre +/-
•Ceiling Height: 9’+
•Roof Type: Pitched
•Plumbing Type: Copper
•Utility Metering: Individual electricity and gas
•Water Heating: Individual water heaters (No boilers)
•Washer / Dryer: Hookups in unit

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United States

Last Updated: 11/08/2019
Created: 2019-11-08T22:39:41Z
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