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Matthew Joseph Macko


stok Investment Group
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Hotel/Motel conversions to affordable

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We're in the market for lower storied hotel/motel assets in walkable west coast markets that have the feasibility/zoning to be able to convert them to multifamily. We're primarily interested in primary and secondary markets but have looked at deals in tertiary markets where demand for affordable units is high (such as mountain/ski towns).

Listing Types:

Hotel Mixed Use Multifamily Residential

Price Range:

$10,000,000 to $50,000,000


Los Angeles, CA, USA San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA Portland, OR, USA Seattle, WA, USA Denver, CO, USA Grand Junction, CO, USA San Diego, CA, USA Salt Lake City, UT, USA


Units: 50 to 500

Last Updated: 03/24/2021
Created: 2021-03-23T20:48:27Z
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