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Mark Hinkins, CCIM, FRICS

President/CEO at SperryCGA - Trimark Commercial Real Estate

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Strong Closing Capabilities 1031x Upleg needed up to $10mm

Client 1031


I have a targeted requirement for a 1031X in your markets from $3.8m to $9.5m, Can do one or two properties. Criteria below. We can close on our down leg anytime from mid-June through Sept 1st. I’ve done multiple transactions with this client and he demonstrates strong closing capabilities.

• Long term investment with a minimum 10 year holding period.
• $3.8m cash available for a leveraged investment of around $9.5m.
• industrial / medical office / office / retail
• Absolute Net if good play as a smaller diversification property.
• Well established property with higher return than Absolute Net where a property manager could be used to reduce owner responsibilities.
• Denver/ Boulder.
• Atlanta.
• Austin.
• Sacramento
• Reno
• Boise.
• Salt Lake.
• Similar markets

Listing Types:

Industrial Mixed Use Office Retail Special Purpose

Price Range:

$3,000,000 to $10,000,000


Denver, CO, USA Boulder, CO, USA Atlanta, GA, USA Austin, TX, USA Sacramento, CA, USA Reno, NV, USA Boise, ID, USA Salt Lake City, UT, USA


Cap Rate: 5% to 15%
SQFT: 5,000/sqft to 250,000/sqft
Units: 1 to 100

Last Updated: 08/29/2019
Created: 2019-05-31T18:15:55Z
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