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Analyn Escoto

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Samurai Real Estate Investment LLC, 11 Capital Finance LLC
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Office Building for my VIP CASH BUYER

Client Want


1. Cap Rate 4.75% or higher
2.Complete office building. No Mixed Use.
3. Asking price must be $200MM or less per building. Closings would take place in 30 days or less and be ALL CASH.
4. LOCATION must be in Boston, NYC (five boroughs), or Washington D.C only.
5. Off Market preferred, but on market okay.
6. Class C area or better.

Listing Types:


Price Range:

Under $200,000,000


Boston, MA, USA New York, NY, USA Washington, DC, USA


Cap Rate: Over 4.75%

Last Updated: 05/13/2019
Created: 2019-05-11T22:41:51Z
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