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Andre Brown

Residential - Commercial Acquisitions Division

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Land, Shovel Ready Projects, Flagged Hotels, Raw Land, Commercial/Retail Space

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Our client is a Private International Debt/Equity Firm interested in vast unencumbered land, commercial/retail space, and flagged hotels in which need to be both ‘shovel ready’ and ‘finance ready.

Listing Types:

Business Development Hotel Land Special Purpose

Price Range:



Arizona, USA Colorado, USA Oklahoma City, OK, USA Oakland, CA, USA Mississippi, USA Indianapolis, IN, USA Texas, USA San Diego, CA, USA San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA Seattle, WA, USA Fresno, CA, USA Fremont, CA, USA Glendale, CA, USA New York, USA

Last Updated: 12/02/2019
Created: 2019-11-30T08:29:57Z
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