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Name Title Want Type Markets Listing Type Price
Christopher J. Calabrese
The CS Organization
The CS Organization is seeking Value-Add Multifamily Opportunities Acquisition Criteria Raleigh, NC, USAHouston, TX, USAOrlando, FL, USA Multifamily
Richard Bilda
Peabody Real Estate, LLC
COMMERCIAL RESTAURANT BUILDING Client Want Miami, FL, USA RetailSpecial Purpose
Christein Hayles
LIV Realty Homes
10 Acres of Commercial Land Client Want Kissimmee, FL, USA LandMixed Use
Jeffrey Slavin
Propco Holdings
Development Properties As-of-Right Greater than 40K SF Buyer Want The Bronx, NY, USA DevelopmentLand < $100m
Cristina Hsieh
Purchase Commercial/Retail Space For Dental Office appr. 2,000 SF Client Want Chino, CA, USAOntario, CA, USA Mixed UseRetail
Theodore Konigsberg
Infinity Commercial R.E.
Immediate 1031 Exchange Requirement Client 1031 Florida, USAGeorgia, USANorth Carolina, USASouth Carolina, USA2 others IndustrialOfficeRetailSpecial Purpose $1m - $7m
Daniel Herrold
Stan Johnson Company
Buyer Looking for Automotive Assets Acquisition Criteria United States Retail > $1m
Juan Rodriguez
real estate Management
Restaurants: Wendy`s, BurgerKing, Taco Bell Denny`s, IHOP, KFC. Buyer Want Florida, USANew York, NY, USA $1m - $2m
Melinda Hall
ERA Triangle Real Estate Group
Seeking NNN or NN Investment Client Want Research Triangle, Durham, NC, USANorth Carolina, USAWilmington, NC, USACharlotte, NC, USA1 others Retail < $1m
Lauren J. Coombs
First Team Commercial Real Estate
Contractor's Yard Fremont-Union City-Hayward - Lease or Purchase Client Want Fremont, CA, USAUnion City, CA, USAHayward, CA, USA IndustrialLand
Kathleen Hatfield
Hatfield and McCoy Realty, Inc.
Multi Family Central and South Florida Client 1031 Florida, USA Multifamily < $6m
Indira Nunez
Exan Capital
Retail Trophy Acquisition Criteria Boston, MA, USAChicago, IL, USAWashington, DC, USAMiami, FL, USA7 others Retail $1m - $40m
Julia Perez
COMMERCIAL/ INDUSTRIAL USE LOT Client Want Miami, FL 33157, USA Industrial
Milan Cheeks
Symbol Management
Looking For Office Buildings & Land Opportunities Acquisition Criteria New York, NY, USA DevelopmentLandOfficeRetail > $20m
Elliot Silverstone,ccim
Silverstone Real Estate
Car Wash Client Want Texas, USA < $50m
Javier Marcos
Alting - Real Estate Group
Office and hotel buildings in main capitals in Europe. Acquisition Criteria SpainParis, France HotelOffice $4m - $36m
David Dweck
Southeast Regional Realty Corporation
Multi-Family or Small Apartment Complex Client Want Huntsville, AL, USAColumbus, GA, USAAtlanta, GA, USAKnoxville, TN, USA3 others Multifamily < $1m
Mike Hertz
Best price income
Retail Buyer 1031 United States IndustrialMixed UseRetail < $3m
Matt Hardke
Vantis Capital Advisors
Seeking 3k SF Commercial Kitchen/2nd Gen Catering Space - Orange County CA Lease Space Orange County, CA, USA IndustrialSpecial Purpose
Michael Marionakis
Realty Executives Metro
Multi family value add opportunities Acquisition Criteria Los Angeles, CA, USADenver, CO, USANew York, NY, USAAtlanta, GA, USA6 others Multifamily