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Name Title Want Type Markets Listing Type Price
Jack Conger
Stirling Properties
Multi-Family Value Add Play Client Want Mobile, AL, USAPensacola, FL, USAGulf Shores, AL, USAOrange Beach, AL, USA Multifamily $5m - $15m
Joao Mauricio Rocha
JMR Commercial Real Estate
looking for apartments Acquisition Criteria West Virginia, USAVirginia, USANorth Carolina, USASouth Carolina, USA2 others Multifamily $1m - $50m
Dwayne Watson
C21 Commercial
OFF Market Large Multifamily units in California 100 units and up Acquisition Criteria Nevada, USACalifornia, USA Mixed UseMultifamily $2m - $400m
William Hu
NYC Department of Education
Mix-use property Buyer Want Brooklyn, NY, USA Mixed Use < $2m
Lance Cornell, P.A.
Dezer Platinum Realty LLC
Value Add Distressed Large Multi-Family or Retail Client Want Miami, FL, USAFlorida, USA MultifamilyRetail $5m - $100m
Samantha Maryvonne Howes, CPA
BizWolf, LLC
Land to build Box storage for large vehicles Client Want Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL, FL, USANorth Fort Myers, FL, USA Land
Afi Atta
Investor Matchmaker LLC
Wanted 3.5 , 4 and 5 star Hotel Property for lease Acquisition Criteria New York, NY, USAMiami, FL, USAFort Lauderdale, FL, USA HotelMixed UseOffice < $500m
Harvey Furst
Premier Properties Int'l Inc.
Medical office buildings Client Want Arizona, USACalifornia, USANew York, NY, USAFlorida, USA3 others Office $10m - $100m
Matthew Moradian
Mirabeau Holdings Ltd
Seeking residential development land Acquisition Criteria Phoenix, AZ, USAScottsdale, AZ, USATucson, AZ, USABellingham, WA, USA9 others DevelopmentLand < $5m
Paul Bonanno
Net Lease Realty Partners
Medical /Urgent Care/Healthcare NNN Acquisition Criteria Pennsylvania, USAColorado, USAUtah, USATexas, USA3 others Special Purpose $3m - $12m
Joseph Lomangino
Real Estate Client Want Florida, USA HotelIndustrialMultifamilyRetail
Ben Thypin
Quantierra Wants Client Want Manhattan, New York, NY, USAThe Bronx, NY, USA DevelopmentHotelIndustrialLand5 others
Mark Medine
The Nassimi Group
NNN deals in the U.S Client Want United States BusinessIndustrialLand $5m - $250m
Dunn Brad
Mobile home or Rv Parks South part of the US Client 1031 Florida, USAArizona, USANew Mexico, USAOklahoma, USA2 others Multifamily $2m - $6m
John Moon
Apartment Criteria Acquisition Criteria United States Multifamily
Daniel Gentile
Dg properties
Added value retail properties Acquisition Criteria Illinois, USAMichigan, USAIndiana, USAOhio, USA1 others Retail < $3m
Scott Cash
Cash Properties
Need industrial warehouse building with Commercial kitchen Acquisition Criteria Santa Cruz County, CA, USA IndustrialMixed UseSpecial Purpose $3m - $7m
Edward R Holt
C Buddy Johnson Realty LLC
Mobile Home Parks & RV Parks Client Want Florida, USA Multifamily < $50m
Tony Tony
Multi family Buyer Want Chicago, IL, USA Mixed UseMultifamilyRetail
T.Y. Hsu
Ideal Property
office Client Want Diamond Bar, CA, USASan Dimas, CA, USACovina, CA, USAWest Covina, CA, USA Office