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Name Title Want Type Markets Listing Type Price
Alexander Bogod
Broadway Realty
Office or Multi Family Buiding Tribeca and Soho Client Want New YorkNew JerseyMarylandMassachusetts8 others MultifamilyOffice $5m - $100m
Ted Dowding
TD Commercial Group
EXCESS LAND - Even if Undevelopable or Undesirable Client Want USA DevelopmentLand < $3m
carl taylor
The Investment Group
Large apartment buildings (50+ units) in Houston, Texas Buyer Want FloridaLouisianaNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina9 others Multifamily $1m - $50m
Ted Dowding
TD Commercial Group
Any CVS or Walgreens >8 Years Left on the Firm Term Client Want USASouth America Retail < $8m
Oscar Han
Tortuga Ventures
Refrigerated industrial space or Previous Food Factory Lease Space New Jersey, USANewark, NJ, USANew York, NY, USA Industrial
MF Smile States Acquisition Criteria Texas, USAArkansas, USANew Mexico, USAOklahoma, USA1 others Multifamily
Rodney Cilien
Cilien Capital
5-20 Units C or B Class Multifamily Acquisition Criteria Florida, USAGeorgia, USANorth Carolina, USATexas, USA1 others Multifamily < $2m
Ed Obie
NNN SINGLE TENANT Client 1031 6039 Hogan Dr SE, Olympia, WA 98513, USA Special Purpose < $1m
Allen Brokate
Excalibur Property Holdings LLC (et al)
1031 Exchange Buyer seeking replacement properties Buyer 1031 Alabama, USAAlaska, USAFlorida, USAIdaho, USA9 others BusinessHotelIndustrialOffice2 others < $1m
Scarlett Barsky
Illustrated Properties
Multifamily B+ 100 units Client Want Virginia, USAConnecticut, USANew Jersey, USAMaryland, USA3 others Multifamily < $20m
Abraham Temu
Keller Williams Palm Beaches
10-20 Acre Land needed in South & Central Florida Acquisition Criteria Tampa, FL, USAOrlando, FL, USANaples, FL, USASarasota, FL, USA3 others Land
Derrell Williams
Derrell Williams & Company
Ready to buy on Jimmy Carter Client Want Jimmy Carter Blvd, Norcross, GA, USA LandMixed UseOfficeRetail < $5m
Carrie Ward
Hanna Frederick Commercial
Multi-family 20+ unit - Eastern PA - any class Client Want Lehigh County, PA, USA Multifamily $2m - $100m
Eli Schultz
Fortis Net Lease
OutParcel in shopping center Client Want Chicago, IL, USA DevelopmentRetail
Patrick Sullivan
Blanchard Real Estate
BRE IS ACQUIRING Acquisition Criteria United States Retail
Arron Johnson
eXp Realty
5-50+ Unit Apartments Client Want Essex County, NJ, USA Multifamily < $10m
Luis Garcia
Florida Multi family Minimum 12 acre Minimum 200 units Buyer Want Hillsborough County, FL, USA
MULTIFAMILY RENTAL PROPERTIES Buyer Want Washington, USAOregon, USAOhio, USAGeorge, WA, USA17 others Mixed UseMultifamily
John Rossi
Triple NET Investment Grade Tenant Buyer Want Florida, USATennessee, USATexas, USA Retail $1m - $1m
Rafi Mizrah
Looking for Value add Multifamily Buyer Want GeorgiaKentucky, USA Multifamily