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Name Title Want Type Markets Listing Type Price
Michael Shaker
BUYER NEED!! Client Want United StatesTennessee, USANorth Carolina, USASouth Carolina, USA6 others BusinessRetailSpecial Purpose $1m - $5m
Jason Evanchak
Realty Corner Inc.
Long Term NNN or Flex Commercial or Multi Family Client 1031 Nevada, USATexas, USANew Mexico, USAGeorgia, USA13 others BusinessIndustrialMixed UseMultifamily2 others $2m - $4m
Mark Eshtehardi
Premier Capital Solutions Inc.
Land in Leesburg Northern Virginia Client Want 1095 Pullman St, Anaheim, CA 92807, USANorthern Virginia, VA, USA163 Fort Evans Rd NE, Leesburg, VA 20176, USA Land $30m - $80m
John Howard
PAX Properties
Southeast Multifamily Value-Add Buyer Want Florida, USAGeorgia, USANorth Carolina, USASouth Carolina, USA1 others Multifamily
Art Snow
Sellstate Partners Realty
Mobile Home Parks in Florida Client Want Hollywood, FL, USA Business $1m - $10m
Anne Bruff
Anne Bruff & Associates
Specialty supermarket to purchase Client Want Alameda County, CA, USA RetailSpecial Purpose $1m - $5m
Michael Tessaro
Intero Real Estate Services
BUILDING NEEDED-Veterinarian Space Client Want Milpitas, CA 95035, USANorth San Jose, San Jose, CA, USA $1m - $5m
Paul Silverstein
RE/MAX Advance Realty
BUYER FOR SHOVEL READY PROJECTS IN SOUTH FLORIDA Acquisition Criteria Florida, USA DevelopmentLandMultifamily $4m - $20m
John Miller
WFL seeking MF Value Add Properties Acquisition Criteria Georgia, USASouth Carolina, USANorth Carolina, USATexas, USA2 others Multifamily $1m - $30m
David Buttecali
Andora Real Estate
Leased or Vacant Office Warehouse Houston Metro Client Want Houston, TX, USAConroe, TX, USATomball, TX, USAKaty, TX, USA3 others Industrial
Annie Dinh
Multifamily Apartments_Min 50 Units_Nationwide Acquisition Criteria United States Multifamily
Sassan Sassouni
Residential Acquisition Criteria New York, NY, USA Multifamily
Rafael M. Roberto, CRB, Broker
R.M.R. Real Estate, Brokerage
Freestanding Single Tenant care free Lease Client Want Ontario, Canada HotelIndustrialOfficeRetail1 others $5m - $10m
Karin Du Bois
EmeraldOne Consulting
Class C Multi-family wanted Acquisition Criteria United States Multifamily
Sarah Perry
Main key Realty
Looking in Jefferson County Missouri Lease Space Jefferson County, MO, USA
Donald Dinkel
Colorado Peak To Peak
Need vacant land to construct 20,000 square foot building zoned for cannabis/hem p extraction Client Want Denver, CO, USABoulder, CO, USAJefferson County, CO, USA Land < $1m
James Bennett
Multi-Family Apartment complexes and Industrial Parks Client Want New York, NY, USACalifornia, USA IndustrialMultifamily $10m - $70m
Nick E
Looking for Value Add Class B Multifamily Acquisition Criteria Michigan, USAMassachusetts, USAFlorida, USATexas, USA2 others Multifamily < $10m
MaRiane Kooistra
Distribution Center Metro Phoenix Client Want Phoenix, AZ, USA Business $20m - $75m
Darleen Hernandez
30-50 units multifamily apartments, available for long term hold, built 2015 or earlier Acquisition Criteria Huntsville, AL, USASan Jose, CA, USAAsheville, NC, USASarasota, FL, USA26 others Multifamily $3m - $10m