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Name Title Want Type Markets Listing Type Price
Richard Mark Edwards
Existing Multi unit property Client Want CaliforniaOregonWashingtonNevada4 others Multifamily $6m - $15m
Bonnie Green
Coldwell Banker
Distressed and off market property in and around Atlanta, Georgia Client Want FloridaLouisianaNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina9 others Multifamily
Dradean Eutsey
Value Add Client Want CaliforniaOregonWashingtonNevada28 others HotelLandMixed UseMultifamily2 others < $20m
Mukesh Sehgal
Savoy Estates
Land / Development Sites in San Francisco Bay Area Buyer Want CaliforniaOregonWashingtonNevada4 others DevelopmentLand < $10m
Paul Melnyk
SVN | SV Advisors
2+ Acres Client Want CaliforniaOregonWashingtonNevada14 others DevelopmentIndustrialLandRetail1 others > $1m
David Matian
Very basically, I represent a fund and REIT that are looking for off-market assets Client Want USA DevelopmentHotelIndustrialLand5 others $10m - $1,000m
Ron Levin
The Levin Company, LLC
US Post Office Buyer Want USA Special Purpose < $5m
Frieda Rose
The Art of Commercial Real Estate LLC
Seeking Value Add CRE Nationwide Client Want USA IndustrialLandMixed UseMultifamily3 others < $500m
Frieda Rose
The Art of Commercial Real Estate LLC
Seeking Value Add CRE Nationwide Client Want USA IndustrialMixed UseMultifamilyOffice2 others $5m - $500m
Chen Yu
Pacific Elite Commercial Real Estate
Looking for Class B (or better) multifamily in Dallas/Forth-Worth (DFW). Looking for 125+ units and a price range above $8,000,000. The asset needs to have an in place cap rate of 6.0% or better. Client Want CaliforniaOregonWashingtonNevada17 others Multifamily > $8m
Kevin Marshall
United Realty
We are looking to acquire assets within the United States, Some Caribbean Islands and Special projects in Panama. Client Want USACentral America DevelopmentHotelIndustrialLand5 others < $1,000m
Erik Poole
CBRE Group
Florida Portfolio for Sale Client Want Bermuda Mixed UseOfficeRetailSpecial Purpose
TJ Park
Market or Affordable Multifamily with 1970+ vintage, at least $20M and/or 100+ units. Buyer Want USA Multifamily > $20m
Bridney Reese
Trainer Circle
Pocket listings ONLY, all cash! Willing to pay additional commission! Buyer Want CaliforniaOregonWashingtonNevada4 others DevelopmentHotelIndustrialLand5 others < $1,000m
Semay Rashad
multi family complexes 100 plus units Client Want USA Multifamily < $25m
David Matian
TROPHY PROPERTY- ALL CASH BUYER- 7 DAY CLOSE Client Want USACanadaEuropeAsia2 others DevelopmentHotelIndustrialLand4 others $100m - $1,000m
David Matian
95% occupancy or better. These are all cash transactions with a 5 day close. Client Want CaliforniaOregonWashingtonNevada4 others HotelIndustrialMixed UseMultifamily2 others $10m - $300m
Isabel Fine, MBA, CCIM
Real Miami Commercial R.E.
Gas Stations Client Want FloridaLouisianaNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina9 others RetailSpecial Purpose < $3m
Alexander Bogod
Broadway Realty
Office Building. 20 000sq.ft and up. Class A. High cap, value add, empty, short sale Client Want FloridaLouisianaNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina20 others Office $1m - $30m
Alen Gollender
Legacy Cap LLC
Multifamily investment opportunities in North Jersey Buyer Want New YorkNew JerseyMarylandMassachusetts8 others Multifamily $1m - $15m