Bermuda Commercial Real Estate 10 Listings

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Paget, Bermuda

The Arches Business

Building Size: 8,079 sqft Lot Area: 0.52 acres
St. George's, Bermuda

Pub and Pantry Business

Building Size: 3,914 sqft Lot Area: 0.07 acres
City of Hamilton, Bermuda

34 Dundonald Street Business

Building Size: 3,638 sqft Lot Area: 0.13 acres
City of Hamilton, Bermuda

Ingham and Wilkinson Business

Building Size: 83,000 sqft Lot Area: 0.46 acres Year Built: 1965
Pembroke, Bermuda

BAS Building Business

Building Size: 18,373 sqft Lot Area: 0.25 acres Year Built: 2007
City of Hamilton, Bermuda

Veritas Place Business

Building Size: 18,595 sqft Lot Area: 0.04 acres Year Built: 2009
Pembroke, Bermuda

104 St. John's Road Business

Building Size: 3,387 sqft Lot Area: 0.11 acres
St. George's, Bermuda

Semi Finished Warehouse Business

Building Size: 6,860 sqft Lot Area: 0.46 acres