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Name Title Want Type Markets Listing Type Price
Paul Soroudi
Westlake Mall, LLC
Commercial Property with Long Term Tenant(s) in Place Buyer Want Phoenix, AZ, USA IndustrialOfficeRetailSpecial Purpose < $1m
Dina Coulianidis
CBRE | Tri-State
Dina Coulianidis Client 1031 Connecticut, USAPennsylvania, USAOhio, USAMassachusetts, USA6 others Retail < $30m
Dr. David Hancock
looking for an office/medical space either for sale or lease with option to buy Lease Space Surprise, AZ, USAWaddell, AZ 85355, USAPeoria, AZ, USA BusinessOfficeSpecial Purpose
Pat Jackson
One Money Quest
Seeking Indiana Multi-Family Properties, preferably 50 units + Client Want 750 W San Jose Ave, Claremont, CA 91711, USAIndiana, USA Multifamily $3m - $10m
Brant Widener
Capital Realty Group, Inc
Seeking multiple 3 to 5 AC corner sites, Harris and all surrounding counties Client Want Harris County, TX, USAMontgomery, TX, USA Land
Jatin Jariwala
Stabalized asset with No PIP in DFW metro. Client Want Texas, USA Hotel < $18m
Paul Monticelli
Keller Williams Athens
Gas Stations and Convenient Stores Client Want Tennessee, USAGeorgia, USAVirginia, USAFlorida, USA3 others BusinessRetail < $1m
Bruce Clark
Coldwell Banker Realty
Hi-IRR Assisted Living Facilities Client Want United States Special Purpose > $5m
Roxy Farah
Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Buckhead Office
Industrial/Warehouse for Sports Training Center Lease Space Alpharetta, GA, USACumming, GA, USA IndustrialSpecial Purpose
Anu Dutta
Citi Living Solutions
Need a warehouse anywhere in Jamaica, Queens Client Want Jamaica, Queens, NY, USA Industrial < $8m
Bryan Kim
Pacific Allied Asset Management, LLC
$10,000,000 to $20,000,000 Apartment in SCAL or Seattle Acquisition Criteria Southern California, CA, USASeattle, WA, USA Multifamily $10m - $20m
Aj Rana
Lemara Commercial
Franchise Services Business Client Want Northern California, CA, USA Business $1m - $2m
Shelby Simmons
Prestige Group, Inc.
1031 Wanted - $45-60 Million Client 1031 Washington, DC, USANorth Carolina, USASouth Carolina, USAMaryland, USA7 others Mixed UseMultifamily $45m - $60m
Michelle Pannoni
Viewpoint Realty International Inc
Small Motels & Vacation Rental Properties Acquisition Criteria Florida, USA BusinessHotelMixed UseMultifamily1 others < $4m
Dale Masslon
KW Commercial
Automotive or Industrial Site Ssuitable for Wholesale Aut Sales Client Want Connecticut, USA BusinessIndustrial
Roger Duzian
100+ muli unit apartments Client Want United States Multifamily
Jeff Day
Absolute NNN property Client 1031 United States BusinessIndustrialOfficeRetail $5m - $6m
Shawna Smith
GTG Packaging
Property to build Storage units and RV storage Buyer Want Reno, NV, USA DevelopmentLand
Sandra Faires
Need 200+ value ad apartment JAX, TPA, DFW Client Want Dallas, TX, USATampa, FL, USAJacksonville, FL, USA Multifamily $1m - $50m
Jared Wolf
Certes Partner's
South East Infill Multifamily Buyer Want South Carolina, USAGeorgia, USANorth Carolina, USATennessee, USA1 others Multifamily