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Name Title Want Type Markets Listing Type Price
Tom Bigley
Cal Real Estate
Private Apartment Complex for Special Needs Families Client Want Fremont, CA, USA LandMultifamilySpecial Purpose < $3m
Erik Korondy
eXp Realty
Seeking stable, cashflowing, value-add assets Acquisition Criteria Washington, DC, USAVirginia, USAMaryland, USANorth Carolina, USA5 others BusinessHotelIndustrialMultifamily $10m - $30m
Leslie Crenshaw
ReMax Southern
Gas Station - Existing or Location/Building to Renovate to Meet Their Needs Client Want McDonough, GA, USAJackson, GA 30233, USA BusinessMixed UseRetailSpecial Purpose
Maria Lazbal
Miami One Real Estate
Jim D'Angelo
The JD Company
Leased property Buyer Want California, USA IndustrialRetail < $6m
Jordan Kaplowitz
1031 Buyer 1031 New York, NY, USAGeorgia, USAAlabama, USA MultifamilyRetail $5m - $10m
Chris Sanders
Birdie Capital Partners
Looking for value add MFH, Net leased or retail Acquisition Criteria Tennessee, USAKentucky, USANorth Carolina, USASouth Carolina, USA7 others Mixed UseMultifamilyRetail $1m - $10m
Fred Matos
Matos Real Estate Group
Medical Centers Client Want Florida, USA Business
Angelina Leeds
Leeds Real Estate Group, Inc.
ISO Multi-family props in UT or AZ Client Want St. George, UT, USAProvo, UT, USASandy, UT, USA MultifamilyOffice
Roberto Gamez
Gamez Investments
Off Market SFR and MFR Client Want Southern California, CA, USA DevelopmentMixed UseMultifamily < $2m
Erik Carey
Zane Development Company, LLC
WANTED: 150 - 500 unit B/C class, garden style apartments Acquisition Criteria Tennessee, USAGeorgia, USANorth Carolina, USA Multifamily $4m - $30m
Bal Shahi
Legacy Real Estate & Associates
Small Strip of 3 to 4 businesses Client 1031 Northern California, CA, USA Mixed UseOfficeRetail $1m - $3m
Stephen Jacquemin
Aldi's NNN Client Want 12101-A Manchester Rd, Des Peres, MO 63131, USAUnited States Retail $2m - $3m
Miguel Chirino
The Keyes Company
Light Industrial Wahouse Client Want Miami Gardens, FL 33014, USA Industrial
John J. Mastro
Alexander Group
Hotel in Manhattan 100-200 key non flag Acquisition Criteria Manhattan, New York, NY, USA Hotel $100m - $200m
Amaralys Castro
YDH Investments Corp
Multifamily Cincinnati, OH Acquisition Criteria Cincinnati, OH, USA Multifamily < $3m
Jeremy Lim
Closers Corp
Multifamily Portfolio Acquisition Criteria Los Angeles, CA, USANew York, NY, USAMiami, FL, USANew Jersey, USA Multifamily $70m - $500m
Joshua Durrin
Durrin Realty
2000+ SqFt Warehouse Building For Purchase Client Want Marin County, CA, USANovato, CA, USASan Rafael, CA, USACorte Madera, CA, USA3 others IndustrialMixed Use < $1m
Jerry Kumar
Hotel In Las Vegas or Reno Client Want Las Vegas, NV, USA Hotel $10m - $20m
Kathleen Hatfield
Hotelmax Realty, Inc.
Buyer needs Hotels or Multi Family - Miami Beach FL or Central Florida Client 1031 Miami, FL, USAMiami Beach, FL, USAOrlando, FL, USAKissimmee, FL, USA HotelMultifamily $30m - $120m