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Name Title Want Type Markets Listing Type Price
David Birdsall
Last Mile Investments
Multi -Tenant Retail Acquisition Criteria Minneapolis, MN, USAWisconsin, USAOhio, USAMichigan, USA8 others Retail $4m - $10m
Gary Pantiskas
Aspen Tree Real Estate
RV Parks Acquisition Criteria United States $1m - $15m
Roberto Mion
RE/MAX Advisors
Medical Office Buildings-Multi Tenant Only--Florida Only Client Want Florida, USA Office $3m - $100m
George Arce
Centers Dynamic Partners, Inc.
Actively Seeking Value Add Neighborhood Retail Acquisition Criteria California, USA Retail $5m - $20m
Gary Pantiskas
Aspen Tree Real Estate
Data Centers Client Want United States BusinessIndustrialSpecial Purpose $3m - $20m
Keith Sturm
Upland Real Estate Group, Inc.
1033 Investment Buyer Need Acquisition Criteria Minnesota, USA Retail < $13m
Gary Pantiskas
Aspen Tree Real Estate
Contaminated Properties Client Want California, USA IndustrialMixed UseOfficeRetail1 others $2m - $25m
Mike Walling
City Commercial Group, LLC
Vancouver Washington Commercial Client 1031 Washington Mixed UseOfficeSpecial Purpose $4m - $5m
Alexander Bogod
Broadway Realty
Office or Multi Family Buiding Tribeca and Soho Client Want New YorkNew JerseyMarylandMassachusetts8 others MultifamilyOffice $5m - $100m
Arthur Tseng
Freestanding hard corner retails with triple net lease Client Want California, USALas Vegas, NV, USAHenderson, NV, USAPhoenix, AZ, USA2 others BusinessCommercialRetail $2m - $12m
Aberaldo De Souza
Five stars hotels Acquisition Criteria Massachusetts, USA BusinessCommercialDevelopmentHotel4 others < $30m
Samuel Oakley
Refurbishment of Life, GP
CLASS A/B MULTIFAMILY PROPERTY USA. Acquisition Criteria United StatesTexas, USAGeorgia, USAOhio, USA3 others Multifamily
Gregg Marzano
100-140 room select service hotel in PA with 2019 revenues - $4M. Client Want Pennsylvania, USA Hotel
Ben Nelson
Buyer looking for manufactured home or rv parks in Oregon & Washington (may consider other markets) Client Want Oregon, USAWashington, USA Multifamily $1m - $20m
Breck Baird
Vacant big box and/or shopping centers 25k+ sf in Western US. Acquisition Criteria California, USAWashington, USAOregon, USAIdaho, USA8 others Retail $3m - $30m
Rich Enderlin
eXp Commercial
1031 Exchange Buyer (Down leg close 4/15/21) Client 1031 Maricopa County, AZ, USA Office $8m - $12m
Bill Hoffman
Mobile Home Park Acquisition Criteria Western North Carolina, NC, USA Special Purpose < $4m
Dustin Bates
eXp Commercial
Single Tenant Net Lease in Tax Free State Client 1031 Florida, USATexas, USATennessee, USANevada, USA3 others CommercialIndustrialRetail $1m - $6m
Dave Volk
Volk Company
$2M to $4M Commercial, occupied Acquisition Criteria Tucson, AZ, USA Mixed UseOfficeRetail $1m - $50m
Jeremy Porter
Multifamily in Northern Indiana up to $10m Client Want Indiana, USA MultifamilyResidential